CEEGE Research Group at CITEC Bielefeld






Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Schack, leader of the Neurocognition and Action Group (CITEC Bielefeld); head of the CITEC Graduate School “Cognitive Interaction Technology”. He was coach in athletics and weightlifting, has studied philosophy in Leipzig and Munich, be-came graduate sports teacher at PH Zwickau, attained a doctorate to dr. phil. at TU Chemnitz (topic: Intervention Methods for developing Action Control concerning Sporting Fear). From 1996 to 2002 he was scientific assistant at the Institute of Psychology at German Sport University Cologne. His habilitation is about the cognitive architecture of movement and action. From 2002 to 2005 he was professor at the Psychological Institute of the German Sports College Cologne, also representation professorships at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Bielefeld University where he now is professor. Prices which he has won: Bernstein Price (1996), Karl Hofmann Price of Publication (1997), Kurt Meinel Price (1998), Toyota Price of Science (2002).


essigDr. Kai Essig, Neurocognition and Action Group; Neuroinformatics Group (CITEC Bielefeld). He has studied at Trinity College Dublin, Republik Irland and at Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain and did his diploma in Scientific Computer Science at Bielefeld University in the field of measuring binocular eye movements. He attended the National Taiwan und National Tsing Hua University in Taipeh and Hsin Chu, Taiwan and received his doctorate in informatics at Bielefeld University in the field of Vision-Based Image Retrieval (VBIR). His research area is motion intelligence, action representation and focus of attention in the perception of intentions, events and objects. With respect to CEEGE, he contributes his expertise in combining different hardware systems with respect to Eye Tracking and in the field of Human-computer Interaction, Computer Science, Visual Attention, Processing and Perception, Image Retrieval, Scientific Visualization, Eye Movements, Visualization, Machine Learning, Information Technology, Visual Neuroscience, Perception and Action, Psychological Signal Detection, Robot Vision, Signal Processing, Multisensory Integration and Perception.



Thomas Küchelmann

Dipl. math. Thomas Küchelmann, Neurocognition and Action Group; PhD student at faculty of Psychology and Sports ScienceHe did his diploma at Bielefeld University in numerical mathematics in the field of invariant subspaces of quadratic eigenvalue problems. As an assistant teacher at faculty of mathematics he has mentored and provided advice to students for three years. In cooperation with linguists he was engaged in the eHumanities desktop, a web-based working environment for the humanities in computer science, working upon linguistic networks and commenting the Patrologia Latina, a collection of ecclesiastical writings published by Jacques-Paul Migne between 1841 and 1855. His interest and expertise in complex networks, mathematics and chess merge in CEEGE.



Paola TorchePaola Carolina Torche, B.Sc., student assistant; graduate in physics with focus on theoretical and computational physics from the University of Barcelona.She did her bachelor project at Lund University, Sweden, in the field of post-processing of one-dimensional signals from optical DNA mapping. She worked several years as a student assistant in Barcelona and also in Lund for some months after completing her bachelor project. She is at the present a Master student of Computer Science applied to Natural Sciences at Bielefeld University. Machine learning, simulations and signal processing are here main interests in the field of Computer Science.



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