Research plan


CEEGE is organized in three main phases.

eye_tracking_4During the first phase, we will observe individual players of different levels of chess expertise solving known chess problems. We will correlate scan-path from eye tracking and other information about visual attention to established configurations of pieces and known solutions to chess problems. This will allow us to construct a labeled corpus of chess play that can be used to evaluate competing theories for mental modelling , expertise and reaction to stressful situations.



Scripted_gameplay_1In a second phase, we will observe the attention and Physiological Reactions for pairs of players of different levels of chess ability during game play. In particular, we will seek to annotate and segment recordings with respect to the difficulty of the game situation as well as situations which elicit strong physiological reactions.



In the final phase, we will use these recordings to evaluate the effectiveness of competing techniques for mental modelling and emotional response in terms of their abilities to predict the expertise of players, individual moves and game outcomes.


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